Cybèle Leclair

Welcome ! I'm Cybèle.

A UX Designer with about 2 years of work experience with industry leaders, agencies and start-ups.

I draw upon a diverse background, one with roots in marketing and business administration — through my early studies at ESSEC Business School — and which gave me experience in international management, managing business objectives, conducting and interpreting market research, and more.

My journey continued as I nurtured my creative side through my studies in industrial, web and interactive design at the Web School Factory.

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My identity as a user experience designer is grounded in a capacity for cognitive empathy, a deep interest in how people connect through verbal and visual communication, and a passion for languages and cultures, enriched by years of flying around and living/studying abroad.

Graduated in Industrial Design from Strate, Ecole de Design and certified in Design Thinking from Microsoft and MIT, as well as in Digital Economy Management from the Web School Factory, I feel my multifaced background and skillset has given me a deeper understanding — and a unique perspective — of the UX design process.

“When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

from Futurama